Album Review: Bakken 'Death of a Hero'

Track List

1.Darkest Day
2.Mystic Mogul
3.The Cursed
5.Back to the Future
6.Get Back to Your Feet
7.Foretress of Evil
8.Voyage of Aodh

Bakken are a 4 piece classic metal band hailing from Northern Ireland. They are here with their new album ‘Death of a hero’ which you can find for free digital download via there facebook. Now I know what you are thinking, the best bands that hail from Northern Ireland are Trucker Diablo and Thin Lizzy, well think again there is a new pretender to the crown. Well if you love your metal you will love this new album.

Any band that has to balls to release their album and give it away to the masses is good in my book. Plus how the many bands can get Sasquatch into their songs. Not many if you ask me. The opening track Darkest Day sounds will a call to arms like you found in World War 2, with the guns and radio transmission that gets you expecting great things. A soundtrack to every war film you have ever watched, then a solo befitting the film ‘top gun’ sounds cheesy but with the harmonics and the simple drum roll works to perfection, then all of a sudden the song awakes from its slumber to show its worth. The double kick pedal on the drums works overtime to get your heart racing. I cant help bring myself to think about the Blaze Bayley era of Iron Maiden. Now that split the critics, and I think that this could too. Well in this editorial office it split us down the middle also.

We would have to give it a 7/10 but still open to its critics.

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