Album Review: Audrey Horne 'Young Blood'

Young Blood is the new album from Norwegian Hard Rock Outfit ‘Audrey Horny’.  They epitomise all that is about hard rock. The website says Audrey Horne plays powerful, heavy, melodic, in-your-face hard rock, with an attitude! The band was formed late in 2002. Live, they are a self-confidante energy bomb, and a nice break in today's jungle of shoe gazing rock bands.  For their debut album "No Hay Banda" Audrey Horne received two Norwegian Grammy nominations in the categories for Best Newcomer and Best Metal Act, and took home the Grammy for Best Metal Act! 

 They bring influences from throughout the history of rock to create a raucous sound that is infectious.  Every song on the album glistens with brilliance to make them an instant classic.  Songs like ‘Redemption Song’ and ‘Straight Into Your Grave’ have foot tapping drums, over ridden layered guitar excellence and vocal harmonies that make you want to get involved.  Think the love child of early Led Zepp and AC/DC and you get an idea what I am talking about.  The band have been centre of attention throughout Europe.  They have been cover stories in France, and Germany and are heralding as one of the most exciting Rock N Roll Bands of the last decade.  If you love your Rock, Hard, and your music loud then these guys are a MUST!

I have to give this band 8 out of 10

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