Review: Audrey Horne: Pure Heavy

Audrey Horne return with their follow up to 'Youngblood' with 'Pure Heavy'.

Norweigan Hard Rock at its finest. Hard heavy licks with melodic vocals from Toschie, Who wants to join the lads of their adventure?

If you take the elements of rock from the '70's, '80's and '90's put them in a huge melting pot and what you get is a timeless classic of riffs, hooks and beats... This is Audrey Horne!!.

For Once I do not feel my words will do the album justice, in my opinion an instant classic.

High Octane guitars, great beats, and the unmistakable vocals. All you need to know is, If you love Rock music, you must get this album!! 10/10 Andy for Eyes From the Mosh Pit.