Album Review: Show your face 'Apnea'

Greeting mosh pit goers and general members of the head banging brigade Joshy boy is back with a review for you. Today I’m reviewing the album apnea by four piece metal screamo outfit Show Your Face which was released in April on the Leaders Records.

This band is so much more varied and different from my last reviwed band Cryoshell. Gone are same sounding songs and in come pure guitar and punding drum driven metal songs with about 20 different tempo changes. But do these different tempo changes make Apnea worth a listen. In a nutshell...oh god yes.

Let's clear up something here. I am not the biggest fan of screaming in songs. I like it if it is combined with some melodic songs later. For example slipknot’s song the nameless starts of ridicolous and hap hazard but then a melody coomes in. I’m not a screamo fan if it’s just that all the way through an album. I borrowed an album from a friend for the band Parkway Drive and after initially loving it I’ve since grown tired of it.

Which is why this album pleasantly surprised me I mean sure if you are looking to connect emotionally with the lyrics on’t even try. I managed to find one line that I understood. But to be honest it actually doesn’t matter because the screaming lyrics are brilliantly executed and as for the guitar and drum sections they are a thing of brutal beauty. It’s very hard to find faults in this album but, minus the lack of some decent melodic singing, this is a bloody good record.

Filled with sharp breakdowns and crashing rhythm sections and throw in your standard metal guitarist lead intro riffage wizardry and you have an album that’s as brutal and as polished as any other band out in the world at this current moment in the world. If you’re looking for a recor to throw your gerbil around with, make sure they are preferably in a cage when you do, then this is an album that you need in your already extensive record collection.

It’s loud, brash, heavy and it’s worth a listen therefore I score this album an 8. I think this will be a keeper on the Itunes for a while.

Josh for Eyes from the Moshpit

Review:Show Your Face - Apnea