Review: Anti Flag: American Spring

Punk rock icons returned with their 9th studio album 'American Spring' last year. Sometimes, life has a way bringing you back round full circle. Anti Flag are one those bands. From there 4th venture with fat Wreck Chords then with Side One Dummy this band have looked after my punk rock needs. Somewhere in between then and now life took over and only now have i managed to sit back and digest the long lost love.

When you look at punk rock bands of past, you look at pride, passion, anarchy and controvesy. These Pittsburgh legends have always shown their hearts on their sleeves whether this has been on the tour sponsors or answers record label critics who called them 'Sell Outs' they have never sough an alternative from heading head strong approach to music and life.

Anarchic anthemic guitars, screaming passion, thumping beats. Who says anarchy is dead?? Critiscm, Cynacism, what ever you got, they got more. This band put punk rock back on a pedestal from where it should never be moved. With songs like 'Song For Your Enemy' a unite and fight anthemn, to 'All of the Poison, All of the Pain' a slight at what society has become.

A band to serve the ignition to the fuel of life. In all chaos it is so great to somethings never change. Long life Anti Flag 8.5/10 Andy \m/