Album Review: Ajenda 'Unrecognizable'

Ajenda - Unrecognizable

These Northern Irish Rockers release Unrecognizable on the back of a successful year that even had them play at Hard Rock Hell late last year.

The band fronted by vocalist Jen, with Gav on Guitar, Janny on Bass with Peter on Drums, provide some awesome rock n roll in the style of 'Halestorm'. Classic rock backline, riffy guitar work and powerful vocal talents are in tune perfectly on this album. Track 1 is 'Dirty rock n roll' and builds to a crescencdo from some guitar and harmony vocals. But the title fits in perfect, heavy, deep, sleazy, dirty rock n roll. Track 2 is 'Tattoo' is just one of those songs that plays out in such a way that when the chorus fits in, can leave your hairs on your arms standing up. Track 3 is 'Unrecognisable' and track 4 'Paranoia' keeps in with there Celtic Roots, and plays out to a classic rock signature. Track 5 'Heaven's Tears' strips it completely back, and is so soulful in its creation that it just sings out perfectly. Track 6 'Otherside' plays out like a soft rock ballad, it reminds of something that 'The Script' would create in its composition. Track 7 'Hollow' has a 'bluesey' feel as it plays out at a canter . Track 8 'Hatred and Greed' brings back the dirty, sleazy rock n roll, and it feels so good. Track 9 'Fragile' is exactly that, a track that has been built on the fragility of emotions, stripped back to its simplest format. Track 10 'Olympus Monz' is beautifully constructed instrumental track, that builds up, throughout the song showcasing the muscianship created between the band.

It is alot lighter than my usual albums i get sent, but after watching these at Hammerfest I had to give it the attention it deserves. A beautifully crafted album, with its mixture of sleazy rock compositions and feel good tracks. If you love 'Halestorm' you will love this band. A perfect addition to any rock collection.

I have to give it an 8.5/10. Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Review:Ajenda - Unrecognizable