Review:Kobra and the Lotus: High Priestess

Kobra Paige and the boys are back with a new album. In essence, this is female fronted metal at its best...

Another perfect blend of impeccable backlines, wailing guitars and Kobra's vocals which all combined compliment each other to blend a great metal band.

'Warhorse' and 'I am I am' gets the album going, then Heartbeat slowly comes into the fold with a flowing style. Layer that with guitar-hero-'esq' solos that make you want to air guitar.

Following this is 'Hold On' which a gritty hard edge symphonic song that reminds me of Mark Tremonti style guitar playing. 'High Priestess' is the title track for the album, and shocases what KATL are all about...Heavy guitars and backline, Kobra's raging vocals that send shivers down your spine.

'Soldier' begins with an intro befitting the title of the song, then like a bullet to the brain it pulses into life. 'Battle Wraith' and 'Visionary' follow to keep the intensity flowing.

'Willow' the penultimate keeps your pulse racing with another head banging, fist pumping showcase of all that is KATL. 'Lost in the Shadows' bring the album to a curtain finale. The intro sets the scene to toy with your emotions with the stripped backed guitar and vocals. When the rest of the band kicks in, the symphony rises to a crescendo to create a wall of sound. Which keeps the song flowing through a torment of emotions.

KATL are back with a symphonic wall of sound that renounces them as one of the best in the female-fronted metal genre. Kobra is the 'High Priestess' and long may she reign.

I give the album 9/10, Andy for Eyes From the Mosh Pit.