News: 28th May 2013

The last few weeks have seen a lot of change for Eyes From The Mosh Pit.

Some good, Some bad, Some distasteful.

But now, is time for us to take the bull by the horns, and that fucker into orbit. The Future is bright, The future is in the Mosh Pit.

Firstly, I would like to say, R.I.P. to Eric Heywood. He will be sorely missed, by his family, friends and soon to be family.

Secondly, Our good friends and colleagues in Hartshead Productions have moved in to new offices, which we are using. A lot of exciting things are going to be happening over the next few months so you will have to watch this space for all the latest offerings.

Now, its time to get to the music that surrounds us.

Next on our hitlist, is the infamous Download festival, at Donnington. If you are going to be there, and you see us wandering around come say hi and give us your highlights of the festival.

After our exploits at Hammerfest this year, I have been thrown a new Ska band from Florida, who use an electric Ukelele instead of guitar. The band are called UNRB, and thanks to here is the music link to soundcloud ( . If you love your ska then this is a band for you.

On a different note, now our troubles behind us if you are in a band and want us to listen to your material, email us at we will listen to everything we get sent, and we will let you know what we think.

Things are going to change rapidly on the site, over the next few weeks as we get on top of everything. So, you will have to keep coming back to find out what is happening.

Apologies have to be made to bands, labels, and PR companies due to the lack of posts due to family loss but all interviews, reviews etc are currently being finalised for the website.

All in all, We are more than the music, we are the community

Eyes From The Mosh Pit \m/\m/