Weekly News: W/C 11th Feb 2013

Right people, as you all know that this is has been an interesting week in the rock n metal community.  Mainly, because in our first week of business Facebook shut us down, because we had so many people befriending us.  But the good news as you read this, this is on our new website, we have a new facebook page, and twitter feeds and our new Band App for regular updates.  I know that is not the big news, the big news was that Fall Out Boy have reformed with a world tour and a headline appearance at Leeds/Reading alongside ‘Eminem’.  Apart from the appearance at Leeds/Reading, Fall Out Boy are to only make one more UK gig down in London, which is going to  upset many of the legions of fans they have.

Hard Rock Hell 7 ‘Cirque Du Rock’ has also announced its headline artists for this coming November, which has Black Star Riders at its helm.  Now for you that don’t know,  BSR are the new band featuring the former members of the band ThinLizzy.  Also confirmed to play Hard Rock Hell 7 is Nazareth, Paul Di’Anno (original singer from Iron maiden), The Answer and Blaze Bailey.  Also on the bill are Love/Hate, Enuff z Nuff, Crucified Barbara, Lawnmower Deth, Gentlemans Pistols, Chrome Molly and Grifter.

Moving on from this, our good friend James Acton has designed some new designs for Merchandise, which will be so cool.  New British tradesman ‘Vonhatski Amps’ who specifically make state of the art Valve Amps will be releasing their newlineup of backline monsters in August this year, stay tuned to Eyes From The Mosh Pit for further press releases on their lineup, and not to mention the bands that they endorse.

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