News 'Kobra and the Lotus'

Kobra And The Lotus headline the UK and Europe this Autumn

The band will be touring in support of their latest album out now

The Canadian rockers fronted by powerhouse vocalist, Kobra Paige.

What's more, the life of Kobra Paige and her band will be chronicled for the US TV show, 'Rock City', airing on Spike TV this autumn; the eight-episode season will follow the daily dramas as this emerging outfit takes to the road on their world tour, documenting the thoughts & deeds of the musicians ' Kobra Paige on lead vocals, Jasio Kulakowski on guitar, Griffin Kissack on drums, and new recruit, Latin America's most famous metal axe-man, Charlie Parra del Riego. For KATL's self-titled release, producer Kevin Churko (Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne) was brought in to assist, the result being a selection of precise songs, heavy with emotion. The 'Kobra And The Lotus' release has an intentionally grand-scale dynamic, magnifying the glories of the genre and making its mark as 'arena' rather than 'garage' rock.

The band is co-signed to Gene Simmons' label, Simmons' Records. Simmons has a longstanding reputation for discovering and developing new artists, Van Halen being a particularly choice example. Many of the early artist demos he worked on or helped with have gone on to become multi-platinum records and legendary rock anthems. 'Kobra And The Lotus' packs a powerful 10-track punch, featuring Kobra's multirange wailing vocals, backed up by infectious harmonies, sweeping choruses, powerful metal riffs, thundering bass & rapid fire percussion. The album contains driving anthems such as '50 Shades Of Evil', 'Welcome To My Funeral', 'My Life' & 'Forever One', along with the dramatic stylings of 'Aria Of Karmika' plus the more traditional building blocks of 'Nayana' and 'No Rest For The Wicked'. Meanwhile, Sanctuary' hints at something altogether more intimate before launching into skull-crushing guitars that carry the track out.

In support of this release, Kobra And The Lotus will now take on Europe and the UK. The carnage starts on October 19th in Belgium, then the band make their way through Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland & France and onto the UK