Top 20 Rock Wedding Tracks

Top 20 rock wedding tracks

We found that looking for a decent rock track to be played at our wedding a complete nightmare so we decided to put together a top 20 to help other rock / metal minded couples choose a track for there big day .

Firstly try to go for something with lyrics that suit you both or maybe choose a track from your favourite band . We will give you our top 20 , please feel free to post your top 20 on Facebook we would love to help other couples with this task.

1- Aerosmith 'don't want to miss a thing' 2-ac/dc 'you shook me all night long ' 3-queen ' crazy little thing called love' 4-steel panther'comunity property' 5-Bryan Adams ' everything I do' 6-Marilyn Manson 'sweet dreams' 7-thunder 'love walked in' 8-hootie and the blowfish ' I only want to be with you' 9-BIlly Joel'shes got a way' 10-creed ' with arms wide open' 11-billy idol 'white wedding' 12-tesla 'love song' 13-Beatles ' she loves you' 14-kings of leon ' sex on fire' 15-Metallica ' nothing else matters' 16-van Helen ' love walks in' 17-night wish' ghost love score' 18-motley Crüe ' without you' 19-queens ryche ' hand on heart' 20- megadeath ' ill be there'

The track we have decided on is Buckcherry (no surprises there you think with the bride a massive fan) and the track from time bomb 'open my eyes' .i haven't included it as its a very slow track .

We have also looked into various versions of the wedding march to rock the wedding a bit more .

Add your lists to the Facebook page or send us your lists through contact us and we will list them .

Article by Marie & Andrew