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Now, I write this from my perspective. I have done quite a few ghost hunts now and started as a sceptic. I think that it is only fair that I give my open and honest account of what happened to me and it is up to you whether you believe me or not…..

…So, to most people you hear Ghost Hunting and in search of the Paranormal and you immediately go back to the 80’s and re live your time watching ‘Ghostbusters’. I did when I got first got asked about Ghost Hunting. My only problem, was when I was young I had a poster on my wall, of Slimer which unfortunately to my impressionable mind was ‘glow in the dark’, so awaking from a restless night sleep in my youth I awoke to be confronted by ‘Slimer’ and it wasn’t a pleasant reaction.

Since then, I have grown up, matured and been around the paranormal without realising it. This was brought to my attention, by my soon to be wife and my daughter. Who both claim to have had experiences at our home. Personally, that is a bit freaky and if what happened to them happened to me I don’t think I would be still at the place I call home. But as a good Sceptic, I could think of other things that it all could have been, whether they were right or not, I believed it so it stuck. But anyway, that detracts from the Ghost Hunting 101…

My first experience of Ghost Hunting truly, was at ‘Samlesbury Hall’ in Preston. Now I was very green behind the ears at this game, but we went along with it all the same. I have to explain that there can be two forms of ghost hunting, the ‘scientific approach’ or the ‘Medium’ approach, where by a medium/ spiritualist is able to communicate with spirits. As a scientist, I went with the scientific approach but was willing to give it a go. Now, when I say I was green I knew nothing about this sort of thing. One key point we was always told is that it’s about your experiences on these nights, as someone call tell you something but unless you experience it, it a bit daft to believe others.

Now to those who know of Samlesbury Hall, near Preston( will know what an amazing location it is, not just because of the building but because of the history and its association with the infamous ‘Pendle Witch Trials’. Now during the investigations which I will talk about more shortly, but you need to be aware of where I am coming from with my experiences. My first experience was whilst we were stood in a room, trying to communicate with spirits, asking them to show that they are with us, by moving on the table. Bearing in mind, the room was pitch black, I looked behind the person leading this part of the investigation who was ‘Ian Lawman’ and I swear on my life, there was someone staring at me from the mirror. It looked at me, and it freaked me out. Now, as a sceptic there is nothing I can say that would say what it was. Nothing was set up as I had been there the whole evening, and that was my first experience. Since then I have been put in some situations that I have not necessarily wanted to get into but did it and had some positive and negative experiences, but as a result we have experimented with different equipment to try and get a response….

Firstly, we have took film crews with us to these events to try capture things that we cannot see such as Orbs which in some instances can be mistaken as dust, or unexplained mists. Also, it is suggested that you take still cameras with you, because sometimes the naked eye can trick you, where as a picture (unless it has been tampered with) can show some unexplained experiences). With the film crews, you could set up trigger objects with cameras fixed on the objects that have some connection with the said spirits as during the night ask them to move the object or play with the object, whilst no one is in the room to see if anything happens.

I would also, suggest taking an EMF meter, which detects the Electro-Magnetic field around. Firstly, you can go round the rooms individually and ascertain control spots where the EMF detect a reading, then when doing the experiments to try and communicate you know whether the hot spots are causing readings or not.

Make sure have an opportunity for a flat surface in the area and a glass like a pint glass. The surface has to be flat and smooth for ‘Glass divination’ as the intention is that the glass can be moved by the spirits using your energies. Now, I know what you think at this point, but the crux of this is that you can trust the other people holding on to the glass, as it can be easily manipulated. Now one option with the Glass is to ask questions to the spirits, but these questions have to be specific questions with simple answers like ‘Yes, No’.

A ghost box or spirit box (also known as Frank’s box) is a potentially good piece of equipment to use. As this piece of equipment for those of you that haven’t watch ‘Ghost Adventures’ scans through the radio frequencies at such high speed which the spirits can use to provide answers to the questions you give. We have only had a spirit box on one ghost hunt but we would love to use them again to try to understand limitations and strengths of the equipment.

A torch is essential just as these nights are held without electricity which could potentially affect readings and can affect people differently where they could claim something which isn’t true.

Warm clothing is also a must, as you can be sat in some places in the middle of winter, in the dead of night and you have to be quiet and still to try and get interactions. Warm drinks and food to keep you going through the night, some of these on well organised events are provided by the ghost team organisers.

That is a few of the things that I would consider as you basic things but every event is different, and different people have different experiments that they find work best for them. Plus, I would say that you have to have an open mind otherwise the expedition is pointless.

Now nothing is what it seems, so you to have an inquisitive mind on these investigations to make sure that there isn’t a simple explanation of what just occurred. I mean things do not happen on every ghost night, and some things could be from things like a crack in the window. So an open mind, with critical eye of what happens to make sure that it is something you can’t explain.

A few of my experiences:

Now, I can honestly say Samlesbury Hall is a truly haunted location, but you are best going in groups of people you know and trust. Now we found that when we were there with people we know and trust we got a more receptive reaction to things that we had done. Now we have proof on video of playing a game with a spirit. Bearing in mind it was a dark room with a glass we established who we were talking to and asked the spirit to move the glass to a coin that we shall throw in the air and the spirit has to find it. Some people can think of the flaws in this, but I shit you not, the glass flew across the room straight to the coin and no one even knew where it had gone. This interaction occurred with different people touching the glass, and lasted over an hour.

I even got pushed off a box at Newcastle keep after being asked to taunt something. I fell off the box and nearly hurt myself, but there was only me in the room and I couldn’t stop shaking. I found out more after, I would never do the same again.

Believe me or believe me not it is your decision but I can hold my hand up and say these things happened. Do you dare do a ghost hunt?

Ghost hunting teams we recommend are:

Shadows of the night -

Mysteria –

Spooktacular events –

Check out the work of medium/exorcist/psychic Ian lawman

Ian is also working with shadows of the night and mysteria on some of these events as well as doing events on his own. Ian is extremely professional and as appeared on many TV shows including most haunted.

Also most haunted is due to be coming back to the TV screen later this year and if you’re a fan of most haunted check out the website for further details .

Other mediums we recommend are Derek Acorah, Richard Felix and Carl Mann all have websites and are all on Facebook.

The locations we suggest you visit are:

Samlesbury hall –

35 Stonegate York –

Chillingham castle –

Northeast aircraft museum, the ram inn, Stanley palace Chester, ruthin gaol, the guildhall Chester, the feathers Ludlow. There are many spooky locations but these are the ones we suggest you try if you’re interested in the paranormal.

Please try an event and share your experiences with us we would love to hear your feedback on the nights and am sure your experiences would be great to be heard for those thinking of doing a night themselves. Enjoy your nights and the frights.

Article by A Mayes

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