Festival Survival Guide

Festival survival guide

Well it's here again guys and gals the festival season is creeping up fast , after the winter festivals of Hard rock hell, Hammerfest and HRH AOR and HRH Prog we are fast approaching time to hit the great outdoors for the summer festivals. Here in the UK the festivals are unpredictable as you never can be sure what weather we will get and even if its beautifull sunshine for the first 2 days the third day could be wet and then that's when it gets disastrous, the rain and many thousands of people in a field is a bad combination and that field in minutes becomes a muddy mass. So be prepared for everything the lovely British summer is going to throw your way. Summer festivals in the UK that are rock based starts off with the amazing download festival.

Download festival
Download festival is held every year at donnington park its usually home to a race track but 1 week (3days of music) a year its home to download (the festival started under the monsters of rock name in 1980 and changed to download in 2003 it was called ozzfest in 2002) the mascot of the festival is the Download dog and each year the Dog has a new colour. www.downloadfestival.com

Please check the official download website for any up to date information

Leeds and reading festival
Leeds and reading festival is a festival held in august over 2 sites in the UK the first site is at Leeds at Braham Park the second is at Richfield Avenue reading on the weekend of the 23rd-25th august. The festival has been around since 1989. Tickets for the festival are available from the festival website or through Ticketmaster

please check the official website for the festival for up to date information .

Glastonbury festival started back in 1970 and this year's festival is held at worthy farm, pilton in June. The first ever Glastonbury took place the day after Jimmy Hendrix died back in 1970 the very first festival cost 1pound and the festival goers were given free milk that was given from the farm there was 1500 people that attended and Marc Bolan played this encouraged Michael Eavis to start his own version on his land and at the time it was on a smaller scale than today's festival. The second year the festival ran it was moved to the date of the summer solstice 20th-24th June and was known as the Glastonbury fair and 12000 attended what was this year a free event. Michael eavis took the helm in 1981 and charged 8pound per ticket and it was changed to the todays name the Glastonbury festival the festival was headlined by new order and hawk wind played to an audience of 18000 people today the festival sees many acts playing like u2, and chase and status, Glastonbury is a very green themed festival with a 135000 attendance and tickets are approx 195pounds. Glastonbury is a festival of the contempory arts and is slightly different to the other festivals it is supported and helps to raise funds alongside Greenpeace and Oxfam. Again information on the festivals can be found on both the Oxfam and Greenpeace website. For more history on the festival and its deeper origins that check out the website there is a lot of great history to read and it's very interesting. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. The campers guide to a British festival. The camper at a festival needs to think about including the following to survive the full weekend... Cash for the full weekend some festivals do have cash machines but be aware they may carry a charge for cash withdrawals and some banks do not allow charges and therefor you can't use the machines make sure you have some cash.
Id if you look under 16 to gain admittance or id for alcohol if over 21
Medication this includes paracetamol and hayfever medication remember also sunscreen and after sun plus plasters and tell friends if there are any allergies you have or make sure you wear a bracelet stating the medication your taking to ensure your safey. Cameras most small nonprofessional cameras are allowed in the larger ones will be removed. Disposable barbecues are allowed at most festivals just remember the matches or lighter Tent make sure it's waterproof and easy to put up and recognise . Wellington boots and waterproofs just in case the weather changes. And a lock is advised to lock your tent when away from and if necessary don't leave any valuables in your tent Toilet tissue / wet wipe removal of makeup and to stay fresh and also in case there is none available in the toilet facilities .Hand sanitizer is also advisable. This list is just what I usually think of first before everything else when going to a festival I have also learnt that keep clothes in a bin bag to keep them dry in case clothes get ruins and then you can travel home more comfy than wearing wet clothes as am sure everyone knows that. Also its best to stay safe sexually so ensure that you carry a condom and make sure you also have any other contraceptive needed for the weekend. Also remember throughout the festival the organisers of each festival will have a dedicated area if you need any help with anything medical and usually emergency services or the St Johns ambulance service is in attendance or at the very least there wll be dedicated first aiders. If necessary some people who like to be down the front may prefer to take some ear plugs especially if near the speakers and any children in attendance then the ear headsets provided should be used to protect their ears. ( please note not all festivals will allow small children to attend and its best to check before purchasing a ticket that they can attend as ticket prices are sometimes high due to the event being over a few days ).

We hope you enjoy the festivals this year and if you see us there please come and say Hello.

From all the team at eyesfromthemoshpit.com have an enjoyable summer of music.

Please check each festival web page for up to date information.

Article by Marie ©Eyesfromthemoshpit