Interview 'Venumous Maximus'

Hey guys thanks for answering the questions.

Answers given by Gregg.

1) Tell us who plays what in the band?
Gregg Higgins - Vocals, Guitar, Christian Larson - Guitar, Trevi Biles - Bass, Bongo ' Drums

2)What is the music scene like inTexas? Especially as round the world the money is slowly being removed from the rock/metal industry?
Texas is doing fine. I don't really judge things with money. Its seemsthat everybody from punk to hardcore have all started moving into other genres so we have a lot of people reviving certain styles of metal in Texas. Its doing well.

3)Your new album how has that gone down with the critics?
People seem to enjoy it. I except that a lot more negativity but I think we have a combo of something really familiar mixed with something new. So it grabs your attention.

4)Which song of the new album do you think is your personal favourite?
At the time Hells Heroes because it was the last song we wrote for the record and I am also always into the most current song. I am on to the the new song we are working on for the next record now. I like writing our music not listening to it.

5) If you had to explain the Venemous Maximus live experience in 3 words how would you explain it?
Energy, Cheesy, 100% percent

6) Who are your influences? Bands you admire?
All of them. I love rock n roll as a whole. We are really into classicrock like Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper. Now days I try to separate my personal music from the band. I try to draw influences now days more from films, ancient religions, mythology, mixed with my own personal experiences to try and make sense out of what is really going on. So theirs no secret answer to why we sound the way we do. Its just a lot of different elements combined into different formulas.

6) Who was your first gig you went to see?
. The 1st large show I went to see my sister and her boyfriend drove me to Houston to see Tool with the Melvins opening up. I had never heard of the Melvins at the time so seeing a band like that at a young age really made an impression on me. I didn't nessarily like the music I like them but not one of my favorites. Bongo and Trevi love them to death. What I did take from the experience is how unique they sounded and unique they looked. It really opened up my eyes to how different music can be and you make all the rules.

PS Tool was awesome hahaha

7) What was the first album you bought?
My older sister exposed me to records 1st. But I remember the 1st 3 tapes I bought were Danzig I, Decephe Mode Violator, Metallica Ride the Lighting and Pink Floyd the wall. I got them with Christmas Gift certificates to disc jockey.

8) If you could collaborate with any artist/ producer who would it be?
I would like to record with Peter Tagerton (singer of aporsity) at abyss studios. The list of people I would love to collaborate with is a mile long but I would really love someone that would come to me and really interested in working with me. I am getting a little tired of trying to convince people of what I see and hear.

9) What do you prefer Tattoo or Piercings?
Tattoo are skateboarders and piercings are roller bladders and I ain't no solar baby. I am a dagger. Skate or die haha

10) What has the rest of the year got planned for Venemous Maximus?
Same thing I always do. Try to take over the world. I recently started sculpted at home and we are working on the new record all this fall. I also tattoo as often as I can and write lots of new music. Its all about constant creating to me.

11)Which song epitomises Venemous Maximum (which song stands out as a definitive Venemous Maximus) You will have to wait to hear the next record to hear that one.

12) Out of any festival in the world, which festival would you prefer to play and why?
I am not picky I wanna play all of them.

13) How do you feel about being labelled under a specific genre? We at Eyes From The Mosh Pit say 'If its good music, its good music irrespective off the label' would you guys agree with that statement?
Yea of course! we don't care about labels. Its all part of the game. Its all just rock n roll so who cares.

14) Have you guys ever played the UK? Any plans to?
We plan to be coming that way spring/summer of 2014! Watchout

Cheers guys,

Andy (Eyes From The Mosh Pit)