Interview 'Tristania'

Here is the interview from Anders from Tristania

Tell us who plays what in the band?
Mariangela Demurtas ' vocals
Kjetil Nordhus ' vocals
Anders H'yvik Hidle ' guitars & vocals
Ole Vistnes ' bass & vocals
Tarald Lie ' drums
Gyri Sm'rdal Losnegaard - guitars

What is the music scene like in Norway? Especially as round the world the money is slowly being removed from the rock/metal industry?
Even though we're a Norwegian band, our activity is first and foremost outside of Norway. We have an Austrian label and a German management and booking agency. Most of our concerts played and records sold are abroad. Thus, it's the international music industry we have to relate to. Times are hard, no doubt about it. People are not buying music to the extent they did 10-20 years ago, and the digital sales are not compensating for the fall in physical sales. The result of this is that all bands are touring as much as possible in order to try to make some money. Too many acts are out at the same time, basically. The Norwegian music industry is obviously not unaffected by these mechanisms.

Your new album how has that gone down with the critics?
The feedback from our fans and the reviews has been absolutely overwhelming. It seems people like the fact that we've made our most brutal album too date.

Which song of the new album do you think is your personal favourite?
My personal favourites from Darkest White are Number, Night on Earth, Cypher and Arteries.

If you had to explain the Tristania live experience in 3 words how would you explain it?
Dynamic, energetic, brutal.

Who are your influences? Bands you admire?
Some artists that means a lot to me and have influenced me are: Tom Waits, Radiohead, Motorpsycho, Madder Mortem, Gojira, Shining (Norway), Nick Cave, Cult of Luna, Mastodon, Pink Floyd, Modest Mouse, Sigur R's, Mogwai, Wilco, Gospeed! You Black Emperor, Solefald, The Low Frequency in Stereo, Mark Lanegan, Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails and Th'str'm.

Who was your first gig you went to see?
Some local school band while going to elementary school, I guess. The first stadium concert was The Rolling Stones, though.

What was the first album you bought?
I think the first album I bought was by the Norwegian legend Wenche Myhre. The first rock album I bought was Alive by Kiss.

If you could collaborate with any artist/ producer who would it be?
Tom Waits.

What do you prefer Tattoo or Piercings?

What has the rest of the year got planned for Tristania?
First we will do some summer festivals in Europe. Looking forward to return to Wacken Open Air for the fourth time, as well as another sold out German festival; Summer Breeze. We plan to do some Norwegian shows later this year and we are looking into different tour options for both Europe and US.

Which song epitomises Tristania (which song stands out as a definitive Tristania)?
One from each of our albums: Evenfall, Beyond the Veil, The Shining Path, Shadowman, Mercyside, Exile and the opener from our latest album: Number.

Out of any festival in the world, which festival would you prefer to play and why?
It's impossible not to mention Wacken Open Air again, as it is the biggest metal festival and the world and something special. Woud also love to play at the best festival in the world (in my opinion); Roskilde Festival, as well as UK's Donwload Festival.

strong>How do you feel about being labelled under a specific genre? We at Eyes From The Mosh Pit say 'If its good music, its good music irrespective off the label' would you guys agree with that statement?
I totally agree. The old clich' is correct: There are only two kinds of music: Good music and shit music. What to call it is not of importance. I also think that the most interesting artists are those who can't be labelled. We've often been referred to as a gothic metal band. I don't have a problem with that, but I regard Tristania as much more than that.

Have you guys ever played the UK? Any plans to?
London has been included in most of our European tours during the last years. We do have many good memories from the concerts in Underworld,

The band has been around for numerous years now, how has the band evolved musically in this time?
We never decide prior to composing an album what kind of album we're going to make. We make music for ourselves in the first place. If we like what we've made we'll record it. If other people like it it's a bonus. I'm very proud of the fact that we've released seven albums that all sound unmistakeably as Tristania, yet are all very different. The musical evolution has always felt very natural for us, as we've never forced ourselves into any specific direction.

Cheers Anders,

Eyes From The Mosh Pit