Interview with Dan Cleary from Striker

Here is the interview with Dan Cleary from Striker that slipped through the net from January this year. Check it out.

A :Firstly, would you like to introduce who plays what in Striker?
Striker is Dan Cleary on Vocals, Tim Brown and Chris Segger on guitar, William "Wild Bill" Wallace on bass and Adam Brown on Drums!

A: How was the Hard Rock Hell experience?
Hard Rock Hell was great. So long ago now!! We had some technical difficulties at the show but other than that it was awesome, the crowd was great and the festival grounds were pretty sweet!

A:In 3 words how would you explain the Striker live sound?
Loud, Heavy and Beer-Soaked

A:Is their a song in your current set list that would be epitomise what Striker is about?
Probably "Full Speed or No Speed" go big or go home!!

A: In your opinion what are the pros and cons about being on tour?
Pros : Playing to new people every night, doing what we love!
Cons : Gas Station food and questionable lavatories

A:Do you guys have any pre-gig rituals to prepare yourselves for a gig?
Sip a pint or two, tune some guitars, warm up the voices. The usually stuff. Sacrifice a goat to the blood gods, you know nothing crazy.

A: After experiencing a UK festival, is there any festivals around that you would love to play?
We want to play every festival!!! There are so many great ones in the UK!

A:Do you guys notice a big difference between fans around the world?
Totally. Some places are just more thirsty for heavy metal and live music in general. Although we have found that metal fans in general are pretty constantly awesome no matter where you go. Except maybe a Slayer concert.

A: If they were to make a movie about the band (Spinal Tap) esq, what would it be called?
The trails and tribulations of the worlds best looking metal band part 1: full speed or nose bleed.

A: If you 'playing music, what do you feel would have been a job you would have been doing?
I would love to work in a studio, so I guess something else music related. If not that I would want to build robots.

A: What has 2014 got planned for you guys?
We have a brand new album coming out in September, "City of Gold" recorded in Sweden with Fredrik Nordstrom! And we are on tour in Europe with Bullet and Stallion right after that!!!!