Interview: Spill Sixteen'HRH AOR'

Next up on Eyes From the Mosh Pit radar were local band Spill Sixteen who interviewed after a stonking set earlier in the day. First of all we joked about the fact that they didn’t get a soundcheck, which is very rare at these sort of events. They said they are used to it, all they need is a quick line check then go straight in to it. Especially as there set up is quite a simple one in comparison with some Prog bands. The lads currently have an album out called ‘Let it all hang out’ which was released last November. I went on to ask about which song epitomises the band, they said all of them as each song is a representation of the band, which is a good answer. Each track is unique to them whether it be a riff melodic stomper to a softer piano based ballad. This eclectic mix means that they only want to put in to a genre of ‘Rock band’ not sub genre shite that a lot of press seem to have a way of pigeon holing many bands. This gig was the bands biggest to date but they have a few other festivals coming up so check out their websites to check when they play near you guys ( We had a joke about when they play when, and they said they were playing ‘Rock against Child Protection’ in Nottingham, but quickly took that back to say it was called ‘Rock against child pornography’. As long as they get it right when it comes the festival that is the main thing. I tould the band that the feedback from there set has been great on social media sites and they are trying to get to Hard Rock Hell 7 end of November. Fingers crossed they get there and we can have a catch up.

Eyes From The Mos Pit