Interview with Sahg Manchester NQ Live

I had the privilege of sitting down and chatting with Olav and Thomas from Sahg.

I asked how the tour was going, as it was their penultimate show in the UK. The guys admitted that it had gone great, playing with great bands, playing to great audiences who have been very cheerful and loud. They believe that every night they have won the crowd over. As they are the entertainment that is a good thing. The guys admitted that after this UK tour they have a month off before they play the Swedish Rock festival. Anyone heard the new sing by Sahg? Well check it out it was released a week ago, and they have a new single to come out later this year with the release of the new album. We talked about how the album was recorded live. They spent a lot of time rehearsing with their new bassist, and recorded the new album in 3 or 4 days. They went on to explain that this is how they before to do it straight on to reel to reel. In essence, you can’t do mistakes, well you can but you need to re-do the whole track. Olav and Thomas both agreed that the energy from playing live, as the tracks are meant to be can show through.

I asked the guys about the length of time between the new album and Sahg III the last album. We talked about how it has been 3 years in the making due to line up changes etc, but there are no differences in performance as the bassist was their stand in bassist so it’s all good. They say their relationship with their last bassist is very much like you have with an Ex-GF. You are still friends you just don’t have sex. But as they admitted whatever will be will be with music.

The next thing we talked about was back home in Bergen, Norway. The guys from Audrey Horne, use the same rehearsal space in Bergen so it feels like the trip is a School trip. A long school trip! They admit that its cool as there are good friends on the tour, so they get to have fun on tour, its liked being pirates they joked. With the ‘Pillaging’. Over the last 3 years the guys have focused upon rehearsing and finding the new musical direction. Which they have found and are happy with. This year should be a big year for the guys, especially to note as the fans had voted for them to play the Swedish Rock Festival, where they finished in the top 3 of 1500 bands. They feel honoured, proud, and privileged to be voted their by the fans. During the conversation I brought up the discussion of music genres, and both Olav and Thomas agree with my sentiment ‘Good music is good music irrespective over the genre’. Placing bands in sub-genres are a method of use by the press to talk about the bands without having to see them live.

We went on to discuss about musical preferences of tour, where Thomas was saying that he uses an iPod for back ground noise at home like when he is doing the dishes, but when he wants to sit and listen to some music he will produce the vinyl. The guys told me that Vinyl is what they were used to growing up, and for Olav talked to me about how the sound from a Vinyl when using Organic instruments like guitars etc you can tell the difference. But when you listen to Electronic music, because of the methods used you can’t tell any variations. Plus the good thing about using CD’s or Vinyl’s is the liner notes. Olav explained how he used to love reading the liner notes, but now with Social media downloads it isn’t the same, the Album art isn’t anywhere near what you used to get. One good thing about the digital age is that people are listening to a complete different genres of music as it easier to get hold of and less barriers to listen to. We then reminisced about certain aspect s of music, where you used to get people liking the same music but for the wrong reasons, but with social media now there is none of this. Good music is good music.

We then went on to discuss the new album in a bit more detail. I jokingly asked about the title of the new album. Dare I jokingly call it ‘Sahg IV’?? Olav explained that people might be surprised as the album itself has more of a lyrical concept. Thomas says that the album’s titles were called I, II, and III as a bit of Irony as how many bands do that?!? It’s a Sahg form of Spinal Tap. But we go onto suggest that they should do a Black album, Brown album, heck all the colours of the rainbow. If any of you are intrigued of a definitive Epitomising song from Sahg. They suggest you try ‘Pyromancer’.

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