Interview - Pilgrim


This are the answes from the questiosns I posed to Jon from doom metal band 'Pilgrim'

1) For people that don’t know you, who is who in the band and what do you play?
I'm The Wizard. I play guitar and I sing. Krolg, Slayer of Men, is the drummer.

2) How did the tour with Windhand go?
It was good! The shows were nearly all sold out. We got to meet a bunch of amazing new people and saw a bunch of cool sights. It was a bit stressful at times, but we managed. WINDHAND are really good friends of ours in the first place, so it was awesome to already know everyone we were touring with.

3) Was there any night that stands out for you guys on the tour?
I remember in Paris we played a pretty tiny room. It was packed. There was a heated argument between the sound guy and our people because he kept walking on stage during our set and turning our amps down. It had something to do with a decibel limit. My band mates were furiously mad and the crowd was shouting. After a long pause, remembering I was in Paris, I busted out the American national anthem. Everyone boo'd. It was amazing! That, and I got to pee on the Eiffle Tower later that night. That was probably my favorite night.

4) I believe you hail from Rhode Island? If you had to live anywhere else in the world where would it be?
Both Krolg and I really enjoyed Holland. The Dutch are really great people. We know a good handful now and they've all been solid dudes. Maybe Holland! I'd more realistically like to eventually move to either New York City or Los Angeles one day.

5) For anyone that hasn't heard you guys live, in 3 words how would you explain the live sound?
Heavy, passionate, magical

6) How would you describe the ‘Doom’ genre that you are so aptly associated with?
It's like any genre, there's a lot of good and bad within it. We don't have any qualms with the name or being associated with it. It's better than being in any other genre right now in my opinion.

7) Who are your influences musically?
Krolg and I share a love of the classics in doom and stoner metal. Electric Wizard, Reverend Bizarre, Acid King, Pentagram, shit like that. That kind of stuff really influenced us to play the music that we do. I'm a huge fan of 90's Seattle-era stuff, like Nirvana and Tad and also a lot of late 60's pre-prog stuff, like GONG and King Crimson and Soft Machine. Krolg is more into keeping it heavy and listens to Electric Wizard and Ocean Chief on repeat all day.

8) If you could collaborate with any one who would it be? And why?
We've been dying to do a Earth tribute record split with WINDHAND forever now. I hope that one day we make that dream a reality.

9) What is the worst thing about having to do press stuff?
Nothing really. I don't mind it.

10) On the recent European tour you were playing songs off the new record, apart from lineup, has the way you guys enter the studio changed?(and I don’t mean whether you entered through the same door lol)
Not really. We recorded it in almost the exact same fashion as Misery Wizard, except this time we actually spent a ton of time sitting down and REALLY mixing it and tweaking the guitar tones so that we got exactly what we wanted. Our engineer this time around was a fucking sonic genius so that made it really easy. Thanks Mike! Other than that, we sat around and drank beer, ate pizza and played Skyrim.

11) Whats the best thing and worst thing about being on tour?
The best thing is meeting amazing people that care about your art. Who'd have thought!? The worst thing is the boredom. There's a lot of driving around, sitting around, waiting around. It can drive you mad. You've got to learn how to stay positive and keep yourself occupied. I killed time by listening to old record I'd never heard before.

12) As we are at the end of the year, what is happening in the Pilgrim world for next year?
We're eagerly awaiting the drop of our next record, VOID WORSHIP, in early April. Hopefully by the time it comes out we'll have a US tour planned out and we'll be hitting the road with a seriously heavy lineup. For now, we lay low, brood, and go to work so we can pay for this fucking band. No one told us how expensive it'd be.

13) Do you have any pre-gig routines that you do before a gig?
I seem to always have too much beer and food right before I go onstage and then have a horrible stumach ache while I'm performing. More typically, we drink to loosen our nerves.

14) And finally, what song epitomizes what Pilgrim are all about?

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Interview - Pilgrim