Interview: No Bragging Rights

Mike Perez answers the questions on behalf of No Bragging Rights

Hi guys I am sorry I couldn;t catch up with you guys in person, as I am in the midst of changing jobs.But thanks for answering my questions

1. 'No Bragging Rights' is there a hint of irony in the name? surely you guys have a lot to brag about currently?
I think that's just it. Even with the opportunities we've gotten, it's definitely something to be very happy about and proud of but not boastful. Meeting real people and building on preexisting relationships helps keep us humble I think.

2. Introduce the band to everyone?
I'm Mike Perez and I'm the vocalist. Our drummer is Martin Alcedo, our guitarists are Daniel Garrow and Christian Lee, and our bassist is Ryan Warrell.

3. How is the UK tour going?
It's been better than we expected! I don't know what everyone else's expectations were for us but it being our first headliner, we have been pleasantly surprised. It's been really cool seeing people we met back in April on the For The Fallen Dreams (FTFD) tour.

4. Is their any song that would epitomise what you guys are all about?
I would have to say our song 'Hope Theory'. Our band is all about spreading hope and suicide awareness. That song is about hanging on and being strong despite being in a low place. That keeping a positive frame of mind while working hard can get you passed any obstacle.

5. In 3 words how would you express the live sound?
'Passionate, intense, fun' is how a buddy of ours described it in Cardiff so I'll steal his quote. We take what we do very seriously, but we still have fun and don't really take ourselves too serious. We have a blast on stage, we play with a lot energy and aggression. I guess my hopes are that people would walk away feeling like they took something new with them.

6. What influences you when you right songs?
I write the lyrics, so from that stand point, I would say doing life with friends and family is probably the biggest influence. I pull a lot from their struggles and victories.

7. What are the best things and the worst things about being on tour?
The best things are traveling, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, trying new food, and of course being able to play music you like and spread a message you're passionate about. The worst parts are leaving people you care about and leaving your comforts. Sleep and diet usually suffer pretty badly on tour.

8. If you weren't in a band, what other jobs would you imagine you would be doing?
I would finish school and try to get a degree in Psychology. Maybe be a school counselor. I coached high school baseball for about 8 years so I wouldn't mind revisiting that one day. I actually work part time at a coffee shop in between tours, it's pretty sweet.

9. What is the future plans for NBR?
When this UK/European tour ends, we head back to the states for a run with Rotting Out. Then a headliner out to play a couple festivals. Then into the studio to record the new album!

10. If you could play any festival in the world, where and what would it be?
That's tough because the UK/Europe have some awesome ones, but I've kind of made up in my mind I want to play SoundWave in Australia.

11. Do you guys have any pre gig rituals?
Not really haha we're pretty boring in that sense. I always stretch and do vocal warm ups, nothing too exciting.

12. What bands do you listen to? And which bands influence you?
I listen to a lot bands but I guess the ones that influence me the most are probably Ignite, Stick To Your Guns, Comeback Kid, Propagandhi, Strung Out and as of the last few years, Sleeping Giant.

13. For anyone that wants to know more about you guys, where can they find out.
We're on pretty much all the social networks and run them ourselves. We're also pretty easy to get a hold of on our personal ones too.
Instagram: @NoBraggingRights
Twitter: @NBRband

Many thanks guys for you time,

Our pleasure! Mike Perez

Interview by Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Interview- No Bragging Rights