Interview: Mia Klose 'HRH AOR'

Firstly, myself and Mia discussed how to pronounce her Surname, because I feel that it should be said as it is meant not as you think it should be said. Then we went on to discuss that she is headlining the 2nd stage of AOR after Estrella. Mia said that we should blow off watching Tesla and that we should watch her live set. Mia is a Swedish lady who has moved to London. Mia’s debut album ‘London’ is currently available on a variety of formats, and is filled with an eclectic mix of heavy/ melodic/ and ballad numbers. Mia went on to explain that the Melodic numbers are better for her voice but loves them all. We discussed the band members, who all want to be known as ‘Badasses’, but as Mia says they are just a really good bunch of lads.

Mia currently owns her own Record Label, which she says is very rewarding but is a lot of hardwork. We expressed that we set up our website a few months ago and am know realising how much hard work it is. It is a constant battle to keep on top of everything! I asked Mia where would she love to perform and do a show, Mia obliged by saying LA, but hasn’t as yet played the US. Her most memorable gig, was at the Barfly in London, where the crowd were so responsive and were there for the music, not for friends and to get drunk which you can find at some venues. Mia went on to explain that responsive audiences are the best sort of crowds that she prefers to play in front of. Educated fans make things a lot easier as they appreciate young and hungry bands. Usually Mia has a set list planned for her gigs, but she has an ability to change it dependent upon the reaction of the crowd during the set. During the summer, Mia has a big gig back home in Sweden where she is playing Sweden’s largest rock festival ‘Sweden Rock festival’.

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