Interview: Maschine 'HRH Prog'

Next up on the interview schedule was British Prog stalwarts ‘Maschine’. They explained that they are currently in the process of recording their debut album through their record label ‘Inside Out’. To people who do not know what Prog music is, I asked the guys to explain what they feel that it means to them. They said they were not a true Prog band, but they had Prog elements, as they write what comes naturally and they feel that they are influenced by a whole number of different bands and styles.

You may have heard of the band in their previous existence as ‘Concrete Lake’ but due to the similarity with another band on the Inisde Out label they were asked to change their name but for those that knew the band from their beginnings it is still the same band, and after they have finished recording their debut album, it is penned in for release during this Summer. They are fortunate they have no pressure from the label on completing the album, as long as it is done to the highest standards. They went on to explain that they have a good relationship with the label which helps when these issues can arise. After tonights show, the band were looking to gain further response and try and improve their fan base by piggybacking onto other tours from their stable mates.

The band have been together for 4 years and was formed where the guys were at College. They had a focused ideology of the band they wanted and found the right guys and look at them now. Watch this space, and will keep you all atune of Maschines progress and when the new album is ready for release.

Eyes From The Mos Pit