Interview - Mammoth Mammoth

Mammoth Mammoth

1) Who plays what in the band?
Cuz has a decent crack at the axe.
Bones hits the drums like they insulted his mother.
Pete gets fuzzed out on bass
And Mikey, well, that’s a whole other story.

2) How is the tour going?
Well, the tour has been and gone! (Sorry for taking so long to get back to you guys). Anyway, the tour was a blast. We’ve been wanting to get in front of our fans in Germany and all over Europe for some time. They buy more records than anywhere else, so this was our first chance to put on a show and pull out all the tops! We really wanted to pay respect to their support.
We visited some cool cities, wrecked ourselves and a few stages too. None of us died, so we see it as a massive success!

3) The amount of people at each show seems to be very different, but you guys seem to put on an entertaining show, you guys don’t care whether you play to 10 or to 100 do you?
Not at all! We had some great crowds, in fact most venues were full. But you’re right, it makes no difference to us what size a crowd is. If you’ve come to see us then you deserve a balls to the wall show, that’s what you pay for and that’s what you’ll get from MM every time.
Hamburg, Frankurt, Berlin and our last show in Bremen were amazing crowds, but playing the Walficsh in the small but rock-crazed city of Freiburg was a real standout. As usual, we opened the gig with the title track from VOLIII, ‘Hell’s Likely, but three songs in things got strange. Someone in the crowd passes Mikey a note saying, ‘Play Hell’s likely again and we’ll buy you a bottle of Jack’, how could we refuse? We did and the crowd went spastic! A few songs later and the same message gets past on stage, again with JackD as the bribe! We played ‘Hell’s Likely’ three times in that set, that’s just nuts? We later found out that song is a big favorite at that venue. They play it every night around 8:00pm and the locals start smashing drinks and getting loose. That was a fun gig and playing the same song three times in a set was definitely a first. Mikey shared most of those bottles of Jack with the riotous crowd, so they got a pretty good deal! Needless to say, Freiburg is a fucking cool place in our eyes. On the flip side, Manchester and Leipzig were small crowds but it made no difference to those punters who came down: they moshed, they got to drink with Mikey, they partied, they loved our merch. Everyone had a good time. We do really dig our fans, they all seem pretty die-hard and we totally respect that.
They’re like one of us. They’re our kind of mob. So the crowd, no matter what size, IS part of the show to a certain degree.

4) For people that haven’t seen Mammoth Mammoth live, how would you explain this to people?
We were described by one fan as, ‘like Black Sabbath doing mushrooms with Motorhead at a Butthole Surfers concert.’ That almost sums us up musically. Sure, we can see how they’d say that – but those who’ve been to a show know what it’s like, and wont forget it. Those who haven’t, well, ask those who have - so come and see for yourself the next time we roll into your town.

5) Which song in your set list epitomises ‘Mammoth Mammoth’?
Probably ‘Fists’ or ‘Weapon of Mass Self Destruction’ or ‘Hell’s Likely’ or ‘Short Fuse Lifestyle’.

6) I noticed you brought good old ‘Jack’ to the stage.. Would you say JD is a stable on tour?
Yes, it’s part of our training our diet.

7) Your set appears to be organised chaos?
Thank you. We hardly ever get called ‘organised’.

8) Do you feel the record is fitting to a Mammoth Mammoth live sound?
It’s hard to say? It’s us doing what we do, live or in the studio.
We record pretty live, we don’t over do the post production or effects, so it translates well live.
The main difference is that our energy levels are naturally far more explosive live, as they should be.
We figure people don’t come to watch us standing around looking at our boot laces.

9) You appear to be living the life that many guys could envy… Do you feel that being in a touring band, is what you dreamt about when you were younger?
We can never remember our dreams. Not ones to do with music anyway. We’ve all played in a lot of bands, this one has jelled really well. It did from day one. Our goals for MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are unified. We don’t plan a lot, We just create projects and see them through, whether it’s an album, a video, or a tour, or a trip down to the pub.

10) What is a typical day in a Mammoth Mammoth tour?
Wake up. Fall back to sleep. Wake up again. Have a smoke. Go to the toilet. Talk shit. Eat sausages, ham, bread and cheese.
Walk around whatever city we’re in. Check out a few cool places. Take photos. Try and find our clothes.
Talk shit again. Then our tour manger takes over and we: sound check. Have a few beers. Talk shit again. Maybe and interview or that kind of thing gets thrown in. Meet some fans. Sign some stuff. Have a few laughs with them. Have dinner and a few beers and shots. Prepare ourselves for the show (which is interesting, as we all have completely different rituals. Pete runs around talking to strangers, Cuz and Bones tend to focus and go over the set, Mikey limbers up liker a boxer and drinks a Jack or two)
Some how we all hit the stage on time and it’s all systems go! With any luck we all play the same song, at the same time, at the same tempo - and everyone has a blast.
Post show, we sign stuff and chat with fans. Party with the other band and crew (The Quill, awesome guys).
Try and find Mikey. Try and find the dudes who nicked our stage banner. Try and find a bar. Try and find the tour bus. Try and find the next city. Then it all starts again. Hey, it’s a routine, but we like it.

11) What do you miss most about being away from home?
We love Europe. And with facetime, your never far from home.

12) Is there anyone that Mammoth Mammoth would like to work with?
Rodney Dangerfield, Bon Scott, John Bonham, Tracy Pew, Chrissie Amphlett and Jeff Hanneman. But we doubt it’s ever gonna happen.

13) Is there a song that you guys would have liked to have written?
We’re still trying to write it.

14) After the tour is over, what are the plans for Mammoth Mammoth?
Some moderate rehab, then we start working with Napalm Records and our producer, Jason PC, on VOL 4. We reckon we’ll be getting noisy and messy in the studio around April or May 2014 - then head back to Europe (and possibly the USA) to tour at the end of the year. We have unfinished business in Europe and want to hit some cities and countries we missed on the last tour. So we strongly advise you call your lawyer, rob your dealer and get prepared for our second coming! See you all then ~ and stay MAMMOTH!

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Interview - Mammoth Mammoth