Interview 'Lonewolf'

1)Tell us who plays what in the band?
Jens: rythm guitar and vocals
Rikki: bass
Antoine: drums
and I (Alex) play rythm and lead guitars

2) What is the music scene like in France? Especially as round the world the money is slowly being removed from the rock/metal industry?
It's the same in France, money is being removed, but as there had never been lot of money concerning metal music in France since the 80's, I let you imagine what's left now ;-)

3) Your new album 'The Fourth and Final Horseman how has that gone down with the critics?
We still don't have a lot of critics, as the first reviews are just coming, but the ones we have are good, so we're waiting for the others ! But we write music for us first. Of course we're happy when we read good reviews and when people like our stuff, but we really know that we've done our best with this record. We love the songs, the playing, the sound production and the artwork so let's see what the others think !

4) Which song of the new album do you think is your personal favourite?
I'm really proud of Destiny, I really like the kind of 'Mark Knopfler' feeling of the ending which is really new for Lonewolf. i also like 'another star' because it's a kind of song we couldn't have done a few years ago because of the acoustic verses. It's a proof that we still can evolve while staying in our ownn boundaries.

5) If you had to explain the 'The Fourth and Final Horseman' live experience in 3 words how would you explain it?
Fun, pleasure to share our music with people and nothing more than raw metal in your face !

6) Who are your influences? Bands you admire?
I am really into the english NWOBHM... Maiden Priest but also black metal (Dissection !!!) or some death metal (Carcass) , also german metal and thrash (I learned guitar with slayer metallica and megadeth) and guitar heroes (malmsteen, satriani) but also Mark Knopfler.

In the band , we all have our influences , everyone can bring his style and influences as long as we keep the spirit of the band.

7) Who was your first gig you went to see?
Megadeth on the Youthanasia french tour. I'll always remelmber this first experience, I remember the power of this live experience and I still ear me saying: 'Dave Mustaine is here REALLY standing in front of me !!!'

The first time I saw Iron Maiden was also a personnal blast !!! It was with Blaze Bayley on the X factor tour. If someone had told me this day that 15 years later Blaze would sleep in my house and record a song with my band I would have never believed that !!!!!

8) What was the first album you bought?
Guns n' Roses Use your illusins 1 and 2. When I discovered metal and hard rock, I had friends that were sharing tapes and that's how I discovered slayer megadeth metallica and Iron Maiden.

9) If you could collaborate with any artist/ producer who would it be?
Adrian Smith and Andy Sneap

10) What do you prefer Tattoo or Piercings?
Tatoos !!! Even if I still don't have any on my body ! Tatoos are a part of rock n roll and metal !

11) What has the rest of the year got planned for Lonewolf?
We' re waiting for the release of the album and will see what it brings to us ! Noo plans, just expecting the unexpected !

12) Which song epitomises Lonewolf (which song stands out as a definitive Lonewolf)
The song 'Lonewolf' on our previous album: powerfull music, speed song, lots of double bass drum, twin guitars, good chorus and lyrics thanking all the fans and friends that made us stand and that allow us to be here after 20 years of undergrounf faith !

13) Out of any festival in the world, which festival would you prefer to play and why?
wacken is so cult that it would be cool to part of this history.

14) How do you feel about being labelled under a specific genre? We at Eyes From The Mosh Pit say 'If its good music, its good music irrespective off the label' would you guys agree with that statement?
Yes, music is something that comes from the heart, whatever you do this way will be good. Even if I don' tlike every kind of metal (and music in general) a lot of things can touch me when I feel they' re 'true'.

15) Have you guys ever played the UK? Any plans to?
We've never played in the UK, but we' d really like to, playing in the country of Iron Maiden would be a real pleasure for french guys that play teutonic metal !

much appreciated guys, Eyes From The Mosh Pit