Interview with 'Richard Patrick from Filter'

Filter/Eyes from the Moshpit
All responses by Richard Patrick

Thank you very much for spending time out of your schedules to talk to us at Eyes From The Mosh pit.

1) Your new album is your 6th studio release. Do you still get as excited when the albums come out as when you did with the first release?
Absolutely! It never gets old. I love it. The first time you hear it on the radio your heart starts pumping and you think to yourself. 'I hope people like' it or 'I've done it. it's alive'

2) What track of the new album epitomises 'Filter and the 'Filter sound'?
self inflicted. This song has the heavy and the beauty. The subject matter also reminds me of the things I wondered when I was a kid.

3) If you had to pick your favourite filter track of any album what would it be?
I have no answer for that. The only time I hear the song are when I'm playing them live and they all speak a different emotion.

4) If you weren't a rock star what job(s) do you think you would have been doing?
Actor and a writer. I've written some cool movie treatments and I want to act. My brother does it and he's almost retarded.

5) As we a rock/metal community We talk about lifestyles. What do you prefer Tattoos or piercings? Do you have tattoos or piercings? Which is your favourite and why?
I have 4 tattoo all are written messages for me and those around me to remember. Sobriety birthdays and messages to my kids.

6) What is your most memorable gig?
I'm hoping it's going to be Reading and Leeds this summer! I've never played those festivals. I want to be there for the party.

7) What is the most bizarre question you have been asked during an interview?
RP Obama or Mitt Romney... Obama of course! I feel like I'm the only person I know that keeps an eye on politics in my country

8) How has your new album gone down in the press?
Really good in the press I'm very happy. All my friends like it.. But it's the fans that mean the most and the've all chimmend in and said good job Richie.

9) For people misfortunate to not have heard of you guys or your sound. In 3 words how would express it?
It would be... Intense dramatic with resolve. I try to tell jokes in between songs just to let everybody know it's ok we're not really that pissed or sad all the time.

10)I have noticed you have announced 2 UK shows, any other plans of coming towards Manchester at all?
Please check the website Steve Strange is our Agent in the UK and Europe and I'm sure he will keep us busy.

11)We are in festival season in the UK, Download next week, followed by Les-Fest and Bloodstock, before Hard Rock Hell round the season off. What is your favourite festival? Sadly I've never been to these.

12) Did you find it difficult to finalise the track listings for the new album?
Nope! We had a blast messing with the sequence. When you start that process it means you're getting close to having the album done.

13)Is there any song that is not on the new album, that part of you wishes was on the album?
Yes 'The hand thats dealt' should have been on it. That's a song that Jonny and I wrote.. Honestly it was one of the first things we did.

14)The press seem to be transfixed with genres and sub-genres? What is your opinion on labels and genres? I feel that it is so that if you can pinpoint bands in a specific sub-genres you can write a review without seeing a band. Which defeats the object of it all. What do you think?
I agree but people like to keep it organised.. I've always thought we we're just modern rock.

15)The Rock scene has changed over the last 20 years, how has this affected you guys? Have you noticed a big swing in finances?
We've always just tried to make great music.. I guess if I were in it for the cash I would have lost my mind.

16)What motivates you to write songs?
Anger, Love, a sense of accomplishment. I want my children and friends proud of me.. Really I want to touch people's hearts. Life's short you've got to get it all in when you can.

17)If you could collaborate with any artist dead/alive who would it be and why?
'The edge' or the 'Deftones'. They're both original and experimental, and bold. But yet, their sounds are so atmospheric, and their grooves are so driven.

18)If you could have written one song by another artist, which track would it be?
'A new level' Pantera. Phil Anslemo's scream is so powerful, and this is the definition of the 'power groove'...invented by Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrel.

19)What bands did you listen to when you were growing up?
The Clash, Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Neil Diamond.

20)What bands are you currently listening to?
Deadmou5, Deftones, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, Alice In Chains, POLAR MOON.

21)Is there any 'Filter' news that you could announce?
Yes. Check out for some exciting news about our upcoming tours. Also, remember to always check, for ALL updates!

A million thanks again for your time,

Andy M
Eyes From The Mosh Pit