Interview with 'Extol'

Extol/Eyes from the Moshpit
All responses by Ole Borud

1) Tell us who plays what in the band?
David plays drums and does vocals. Peter is the lead vocalist. I play guitars, bass, keys and do clean vocals.

2) What is the music scene like in Norway? Especially as round the world the money is slowly being removed from the rock/metal industry?
I suppose it is still living and breathing, bands and artists are finding other ways of promoting themselves and in many ways I think not having too many big labels being in the way makes for good creativity.

3) Your new album how has that gone down with the critics?
So far the feedback we've received has been very good, the album is yet to be released and we will probably see some more reviews show up after that.

4) Which song of the new album do you think is your personal favourite?
It changes from time to time. I think right now I'll go for a song called Unveiling The Obscure. Other than that I have to say I'm very happy with the whole album!

5) If you had to explain the EXTOL live experience in 3 words how would you explain it?
Creative, intense and positive.

6) Who are your influences? Bands you admire?
It could be a lot. Anything from Death to Yes to Steely Dan to Jason Falkner and so forth.

7) Who was your first gig you went to see?
I don't think I remember that, sorry.

8) What was the first album you bought?
The very first album I bought for my own money was Paul Young, he he.

9) If you could collaborate with any artist/ producer who would it be?
I would probably go for a collaboration with Donald Fagen.

10) What do you prefer Tattoo or Piercings?
I prefer tattoo but not on myself.

11) What has the rest of the year got planned for EXTOL?
We recently released our first video from the album called A Gift Beyond Human Reach, and maybe the future will see another video from the album too. And there is a documentary about Extol coming out this fall, don't know when though.

As for live playing we really have to wait and see if we decide to do this live as Peter has a problem with tinnitus. We're working on that still, so nothings decided yet on that matter.

12) Which song epitomises EXTOL (which song stands out as a definitive EXTOL)
I think each and every song on the latest album is a typical Extol song really, but since you're asking for only one song I'll go with a song called Wastelands.

13) Out of any festival in the world, which festival would you prefer to play and why?
Any festival that has nice toilets and cheerful people!

14) How do you feel about being labelled under a specific genre? We at Eyes From The Mosh Pit say 'If its good music, its good music irrespective off the label' would you guys agree with that statement?
We would definitely agree with that statement, if anyone wishes to label us that's fine but labeling has a tendency to set boundaries so we really don't think that way musically.

15) Have you guys ever played the UK? Any plans to?
Yes we have played in the UK, if we ever decide to play live again it would be great fun to come back to the UK and play of course!

Cheers for your time

Eyes From The Mosh Pit