Interview: Death Valley High

Death Valley High

Thanks for answering these questions guys…

Who plays what in the band?
Adam aka A-West: drums, programming,
Chris aka C-SUN-X: guitars, backing vox
Huffy : bass, backing vocals
Reyka: vocals, guitars, synths, programming

Where does the name come from?
Our name is a play on the teenage books &TV show series 'Sweet Valley High'. The idea is much like the story plot twists of "Tales From The Darkside"... A "Battle Royale" underside of a seemingly innocent high school.

Your new album is described as a re-birth since the original EP based around doomsday? What do you mean with this and how has things changed since your conception in 2010?
From a romantic stance, 2012 had the allure of "we're all going down with the ship"... From a realistic stance, the point we're stressing is "live your life like there's no tomorrow". The only thing that’s changed from our conception is that we’re chiseling away at anything that could be misleading about our sound and attitude. We’re a leaner version of our former selves.

What song epitomises Death Valley High?
“DVH the Movie” from our first record. There’s electronics, unconventional chords, screaming, melody, and fun. A whole lot of everything we like to achieve in a song.

If you all weren’t in the music business, what jobs do you think you would be doing?
We all still have day jobs! I really don’t think there’s anything anyone of us would rather do but, if I didn’t have music, I’m sure I would have gravitated towards the medium of film. Chris would probably work in some kind of animal rescue, much like a farm animal sanctuary. Adam would most likely be doing something with his art degree. Huffy has a lot of interests but he would’ve pursued something in improv, or possibly golf.

Who has been the most influential person around you?
Personally, that would probably have to be Chi Cheng of Deftones. He was a great friend and he maintained a real commitment of doing what he wanted although never taking anyone or anything for granted.

A lot has changed in the music industry over the last few years, have you noticed this change?
Extensively. I think it had to cave in on itself. But now with technology being easily attainable, it’s made everyone a rock star or pop star. Finding a band full of extroverted individuals, with the same passion and direction, seems almost archaic.

What do you think of all this reality TV psycho babble about making people instant singers etc ie Pop Idol, American Idol etc? My opinion is that respect should be earned and bands must have a right of passage of playing the small venues before they make there presence known.
I think my previous answer touched on this. I believe any one can sit behind computers and make something that’s favorable, if they have an ounce of real creativity and some know how. But I agree. Without these big productions, what does that music really sound like? Everyone should have a chance to harness their creativity but leave it to those with real fiber or talent; and stop stealing the bandwidth.

Which song of the new album, epitomises Death valley High?
How2Kill is a great representation of the DVH sound. The urgency and melody walks a line that encompasses many faces of our sound.

In 3 words describe the live performance from Death Valley High?
Horrifically bombastic fun.

As we are a music community, we ask lifestyles questions so do you prefer tattoos or peircings?
Within the band, we either have piercings or tattoos. And some of us have both!

Do you prefer old school technology like valve amps or do you prefer the sound from the newer amps?
We much prefer the sound of valve amps. There’s a warmth that can’t be replaced. But some of the newer amps sound incredible, so maybe it’s a little bit of our imaginations and a whole lot of bias.

If you could work with any producer/songwriter dead or alive who would it be?
I would like to work someday with JG Thirwell aka Foetus. Or Dave Sardy…

If you could pick one song that you would have loved to have written by another band or artist what would it be?
That’s a difficult one. Maybe 'Racer X' by Big Black. Driving and grimy.

What is the most bizarre thing you have been given by a fan?
A girl was crying over by the merch booth once. I asked her if she needed an aspirin… She then gave me a hand-drawn picture of a tree! It was very elaborate.

What would be a normal day for Death valley High?
Wake up. Possibly hungover. Get in the van, get some coffee, and head to the next town! Hopefully, find a Chipotle along the way.

If you could say anything, to inspire young kids today what would it be?
Do your own thing. Reach high and expect more of yourself and others. Copy cats are a dime a dozen. Be yourself and follow your gut.

How has the new album ‘Positive Euth’ gone down with the critics?
We’re all very pleased with the coverage we’re getting. The critics either love it or hate it. I’m very happy to say not many critics have come back with “it’s ho-hum”.

If you could play any festival in the world next year what would it be?
All Tomorrows Parties… Or maybe Hellfest.

What is the most bizarre question you have been asked on an interview?
Maybe “Did you have any chance yet to witness how Zombies react on your music?” was the weirdest one.

Do you think piracy and file sharing websites are a good thing or a bad thing?
It’s a part of the whole industry caving in on itself. It pushes you to have better songs and albums that people want to support. We also care about our physical packaging quite a bit. We want supporters to feel like they’re getting an experience that they can’t from downloading mp3s.

What has the next 12 months got in store for Death Valley High?
We are planning for tours in the US, UK, and Europe; more videos; remixes: and prepping a new album for 2014!

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Interview: Death Valley High