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All responses by Hiran Deraniyagala

Tell us who plays what in the band?
Kyle Gunther- Vocals, Don Slater- Bass, Tony Asta- Guitar, Hiran Deraniyagala- Guitar and Kevin Talley-Drums

What is the music scene like in Michigan? Especially as round the world the money is slowly being removed from the rock/metal industry?
The Michigan music scene is strong as far as talent goes but there seems to be a lack of support for the bands from certain promoters and venues. It's not easy to get noticed being from Michigan especially if you're a metal band. There are a lot of great bands from here: Wulfhook, Beast In The Field, Hellmouth, GutRot, Nothing For Now, Writhing, Genocya, Satryasis, Simple Machine, to name a few. Metal is hard to market and I think the biggest problem is either that most people don't know how to do it or they just don't want to.

Your album Wall of Will how has that gone down with the critics?
So far it seems positive but I haven't seen a lot reviews yet.

Who are your influences? Bands you admire?
We have a wide array of influences from Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, GWAR, Woe of Tyrants, Hatebreed, The Black Dahlia Murder, Testament, Black Sabbath, to a name a few.

Who was your first gig you went to see?
Rage Against the Machine and Wu-Tang Clan

What was the first album you bought?
Green Day "Dookie" I was in middle school and Green Day was really big then. I listened to that album a lot.

If you could collaborate with any artist/ producer who would it be?
We were very fortunate enough to work with Mark Lewis and Eyal on the last record. They were great to work with. I would love to work with Rick Rubin, Terry Date and Erik Rutan. They've done a lot of records I love and I would love to see what they would do with us.

What do you prefer Tattoo or Piercings?
Personally, I like tattoos.

What has the rest of the year got planned for Battlecross?
We got Mayhem in the summer followed by the GWAR-BQ in August. Hopefully we'll be heading overseas next!

Which song epitomizes Battlecross (which song stands out as a definitive Battlecross)
I think from 'Pursuit of Honor' it would have to be 'Push Pull Destroy.' I think it shows the full representation of the band and it an anthem to what the band stands for. From the new record, 'War Of Will' I would say that 'Flesh & Bone' represents the next step for Battlecross.

Out of any festival in the world, which festival would you prefer to play and why?
Wacken for sure. Wacken is the heavy metal 'Woodstock' Bringing together metal heads from all over the world. It would be a dream come true!

How do you feel about being labelled under a specific genre? We at Eyes From The Mosh Pit say 'If its good music, its good music irrespective off the label' would you guys agree with that statement?
I agree 100%! I like to just say that we're a metal band instead of 'thrash' or 'melodic death thrash' or 'super neo-thrash melo/death core' Hahaha! In the end, it's all music and everything is about tastes. You either like it or you don't, simple as that. People spend way too much time coming up with labels rather than just listening to the music for what it is.

You guys have played the 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival headlined by Rob Zombie Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon and Amon Amarth how was that for you guys?
We haven't played it yet but we will this summer! We leave in just a couple of weeks. I can't wait!

Have you guys ever played the UK? Any plans to?
We've never played the UK but hopefully we will soon!

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