Audrey Horne Interview with Toschie

Interview with Toschie from Audrey Horne

I had to explain myself to Toschie as we sat down to begin the interview. Mainly because, the album is one of my favourites and that it was honour and privilege to meet them. I first talked about the album, and how my favourite track from the album is ‘Redemption Blues’. Toschie went on to express that his favourite track was ‘There goes the lady’, he went on to explain that this was because of the sleazy feel of the song that he liked. I asked that most of the band had come from a extreme metal, death metal back ground. Toschie corrected me that this wasn’t the case as he came from a more Alternative background. The sound and the feel for Audrey Horne came by way of an accident. Toschie told that they were very happy as a band, and are proud that they can produce some great live shows, and that they album was recorded very much in the live feel. He even tells me the little fuck ups on the record, personally I said that when you listen to one of your favourite albums, you turn it up and sing along and you never listen for the fuck ups. We did joke about the way that people ask them whether they have been inspired by the retro rock feel brought about by bands such as ‘Rival Sons’? Toschie says that maybe there was a little inspiration there but they just play what they want to play.

Toschie went onto talk about, how people want perfection with everything, but perfection is not good enough for some guys now, but at the end of the day people are not perfect. We also talked about how there is a cultural shift in the rock lifestyle now where by money seems to be more difficult to come by for some bands. Toschie and I discussed this for a while culminating that it is a weird situation as, the album you produce is a piece of art and unfortunately due to culture of social media people can get your album anywhere, but if your art was a shoe, you would insist people bought it not just take it. The same you would want with your music, as you spend time and energy into creating this form of art but the music industry is 2 steps behind the rest of the digital age. So, Toschie feels that he should just embrace the changes. We went on to discuss, that the money used to bein touring, but as every band now goes on tour, the money is in merchandise. Toschie explained that merchandise payed for the last tour. But on the flip side, Audrey Horne have been very difficult as a band to work with as Toschie explains. Specifically, as they wanted to keep control of the music, which the management didn’t like especially as they know what they want out of the album, so they should be left to do that, where by as management and PR can sell the product and should be left to do this. Albeit a compromise is what they get. This led onto a discussion about how certain people are in it for a fast buck, which we don’t need to go into.

We also talked about the crux of all of this, is that irrespective of whether you are a musician or doctor, or whatever your job is. You have to enjoy it. The album ‘Youngblood’ is produced by a guy called ‘Magnum’ who is mostly noted for being a performing artist, who is discerning eye for music. Toschie went on to explain that during the recording process, Magnum could suggest something very small, which could make a huge difference to the structure of the song and the feel of it. He says it was nice to be able to work with someone who understood t music they had created. Toschie goes onto say that their wasn’t much of a concept for the album, just an opportunity to get all the songs together that they had written. Get a date for the studio, and work on the tracks that felt right. He goes on to admit that there are plenty of unfinished songs that didn’t fit in at the time. But the actually time recording the album was small in comparison as for them the time was taken to limit the tracks and get them sounding as they wanted them to sound.

Next I asked about the name of ‘Audrey Horne’ and whether it did actually come from the twin peaks character. The short answer is ‘Yes’, but the right answer is that Toschies previous band was called ‘Slyvia Wayne’ which was a fictional person but felt right. One day they were talking about names for the band. Went through some inane answers etc as you do when you picking out band names, and they discussed Toschies previous band names and as they all were familiar with twin peaks, the character was a dark character and it fitted with the character and nature of the band and it stuck. But if you do listen to the band’s first album, it is stark contrast to what you see on ‘Youngblood’. Now during the interview, Toschie had to go back and sound check due to previous backline problems before. So I was going to stop the interview there, but Toschie took me back in to the sound check, and then we went back on the bus to carry on the interview.

First thing I asked during the second stint with Toschie was how did they feel the tour was going? Toschie admits that they hadn’t toured the UK in quite a while. In particular since 2010, but the crowds albeit slightly smaller than they might have preferred, they were very responsive. As Toschie says, whether they play to 5 or 5000 they do the same show as the 5 still have bought tickets to see them. We discussed whether it was a good thing or not to know the pre ticket sales for each venue. But as Toschie repeats, he does the same show irrespective and it doesn’t bother him. Plus, pre-ticket sales are not always that an accurate descriptor anyway. We then went on to discuss tours around Europe and how they are to bigger crowds, like in Germany where there label is based and their management, they have a huge following and they are nominated for awards through the German Metal Hammer.

I then went onto to discuss, the inclement British weather and how we get hung up on a little bit of snow in this country of ours. Toschie laughed, and we talked about how when they see that London gets shut down to the small amount of snow they laugh, as it isn’t quite the same as the snow falls they get up in Norway. He told me a story about how it took them 21 hours to get to a venue once because of the snow, the mountains closed and the fact that there were no official roads through the forests. I tried to make light of the tour of the UK and how it’s a lot of travelling, again Toschie couldn’t help but chuckle again as the travelling is nothing everything is so much more straight forward in the UK and the same in Germany. Yet again, you think as a so called a super power, we’re not when you look at what other people just cope with regularly and we get confused by a little amount of the white stuff that hits the floor once in a blue moon. Finally, we talked about the festival scenes in abit more detail and whether they want to play some UK festivals. Toschie would love to, a guy at the Glasgow gig, was telling him about Les-Fest and that Audrey Horne would fit in really well there. Before you ask, yes I have already put in a good word. Ha ha! It would be great to see them play at one of our festivals.

I must say a huge thank you, to Toschie because he could have talked for a hell of a lot longer, and I could but in a hell of a lot more detail about what we talked about but it was great to meet a humble man, who is a great frontman, who are an awesome live band.

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