Interview: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown 'HRH Prog'

Now next up for us, what iconic Prog rocker Arthur Brown, if you are unsure who I mean, what if I say ‘I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you…..FIRE!!!’ ring any bells? Well it should. Firstly, I had to say that is a pleasure and an honour of mine to meet the icon and legend, Arthur went on to say ‘well, he did Porridge though’. I asked how did he feel his set list went down. He said it was really good, really busy and are good responsive crowd. Currently, Arthur is on his UK tour, which was going really well, and he is keeping busy by this month starting his pledge campaign to help the album, which they should be mixing next month. I asked what track would Arthur Brown feel epitomises his sound, especially in light of people knowing him for ‘Fire’. He said that it was a good question, but his act goes of on different tangents. He has Psychedelic numbers like ‘Spontaneous Apple Creation’ which is of the original album, mixed in with some new tracks penned for his new album which contain latin beats and world music sounds.

I asked Arthur what was his feeling about playing festivals. He says it is a nice feeling, and you are playing to different people who may not know you are as they prefer a certain genre. In between songs I asked whether it was off putting if you heard the bands on the second stages? He didn’t think so. But felt it is a good way to contact other people who are exploring musically and Prog, which is a huge area of exploration. Even with his exploration into world music the crowd doesn’t seem to object. Prog is a constantly expanding field, and is mixed with Rock, Jazz, classical, Blues but still maintaining a classical structure throughout. The Knights and Emmerson, Lake and Palmer started this off, then bands like Queen maintained the tradition. Especially through the knowledge of maintaining similar structures but exploring different interpretations.

I asked how does the change in band personnel affect him and his live performances? His current band are a young band with Jim and Sam playing together as a Rhythm section for numerous years, but are free to come up with different rhythm structures so some of the old songs are given a new lease of life. It Breathes life again into to save it from becoming stall. As Arthur says, he is open to experimentation and ‘if it works, it woks’ Amen to that sentiment, if the music is good it should be embraced by many.

I asked Arthur what sort of stuff does he normally like listening to, as he has an eclectic taste of music, cultures and genres He says currently he is listening to Latin and Transylvanian. Arthur went on to explain that he loves to experiment with these different cultures and music transposes culture and words. Music changes culuturally Arthur explains like Reggae music if you listen to it carefully has the New Orleans Marching Band beat and undertones, American guys in the Ghettos were listenting to British Electronic music which led to Hip Hop. With the advent of Social media, we went on to discuss that everything is available for everybody, and agrees with our sentiment, that if the music is good, its good and should not pigeon holed.

Arthur went on to explain that he would love to experiment with Serbian music as it has a n incredible feel from just a voice and a trumpet, and maybe the Chinese culture has it has a different sensitivity. Which is heard through specific instruments and specific sounds like in Ethnic music. We went on to discuss whether Arthur embraces Technology in light of our discussion with Social Media. Yes because as previously discussed it gives you an opportunity to embrace music you may never hear normally. Arthur went onto discuss that he loves to go round and jam with people to create a new form. I agreed by saying that as a former musician if you get to know the people you are jamming with you can create a spiritual side and take it to different planes. Arthur further went on to say that music is this basic language that everyone can understand without knowing different language or words.

That was a great interview, with a man with some great historical knowledge, and cultural knowledge of what brings music and musicians together. I ended up a humbled man after meeting Arthur Brown and his Crazy World.

Eyes From The Mos Pit