Interview: Oderus from GWAR


EFTMP meets Oderus from GWAR

We caught up with Oderus before their US show in Milwaukee. Oderus started by talking about how the tour will be a bloodbath, then following on from the US tour they will be touring Ausraila, and if Metal Blade records can work it, we should be seeing GWAR on our shores soon.

We talked about how GWAR have change styles over the 13 studio albums from originally being a Punk/ Rock band through to a Thrash Metal band. This year Oderus and GWAR went to the AV club, where they were asked to cover one of the songs that was on their list. Oderus explained that the decision to choose a Billy Ocean track was simply because it was the worst song on the list.

As we talked, I asked about the recent petition for GWAR to play at the infamous Superbowl halftime show. Oderus explained that they are unsure how it came about, but they would love it to happen. They would have preferred to play in the Superbowl rather than the halftime show, and play against the NFL. With all superbowl half time shows something happens to be memorable, like Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. Oderus said that they would get the likes of Bruno Mars on stage with them, and send them through the Bone crusher, make burgers off them and sell them to the crowd.

For those, that are unaware of GWAR, I asked Oderus to try and explain in 3 words, the GWAR live experience. He said 'Fuck', 'Ing' and 'Awesome'. for those of you that havent seen the GWAR live show, it is something to behold.

Last time, we saw the guys was at Download festival two years ago. Oderus explained that with festivals that the stage show is quite controlled. You have to attend a club show to see the real GWAR experience which is completley Chaotic.

We discussed the line up change since last time we saw the guys, where Flattus left the band, and Pustulus took up GWAR-tar duties. The new album is called 'Battle Maximus' based upon the 'Battle Maximus' where Pustulus won the battle, after a call to arms.

'Mr Perfect' is the arch enemy of GWAR who is hell bent on the destruction of anyone that worships GWAR. Oderus explained that every night Mr Perfect causes chaos and he has to eat his way out of Mr Perfects ass. You have to see a GWAR live performance, it is a great show!

Watch this space, and hopefully GWAR will be back on our shores soon enough.

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Interview:Oderus - GWAR